Full Cover Single Table
Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutter

Single Working Table

Fully Enclosed Structure

Full Cover Single Table Fiber Laser Cutter

Full Cover Single Table Fiber Laser Cutter

Hongniu fully enclosed Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutter complies with local environmental regulations while saving over half the floor space. It offers efficient, precise cutting for various metal sheets with power options from 1 kW to 6 kW. With a CE and FDA-approved enclosed design, it ensures pollution-free, eco-friendly cutting.

  • Single Working Table
  • Best-Selling Products
  • Fully Enclosed Structure
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

Main Advantages

Fully enclosed Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutter

Structure Completely Enclosed

The full enclosure is a robust safeguard, eliminating laser radiation to secure the cutting process's safety and ensuring compliance with all relevant local regulations and standards.

Pull Out Workbench

Hand-operated (or electric) workbench offers quick and convenient material handling, perfectly suiting conventional sheet metal processing needs with easy loading and unloading capabilities.

Partitioned Smoke Exhaust System

Hongniu innovative blowing and suction zoning dust removal system precisely targets and extracts smoke from different areas, significantly improving exhaust efficiency.

Cost-effective and Safe Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

Cost-effective and Safe Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

Hongniu metal laser cutting machine offers efficient and precise cutting of various metal sheets. With power options from 1 kW to 6 kW, it provides speed and thickness versatility.
Featuring a fully enclosed design, it adheres to CE and FDA safety standards for pollution-free and eco-friendly cutting.

Single Platform and Small Footprint

Unlike other double-platform cutters, it features a space-saving single-platform design with a pull-out working platform, meeting conventional plate cutting needs while occupying less floor space.

Save Cost

With an integrated design, no disassembly is needed for delivery. It's ready to use after power-up and can fit in a 20-foot container, saving on freight and installation expenses.

Technical Parameters



Working Area


Laser Power

1000W to 6000W

Maximum Velocity of Movement


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Machine options

Standard configuration


BT110 laser head


Raycus laser

Air compressor

Plate welding bed

Cooling air conditioner

Profile aluminum beam

Smoke exhaust fan

Cypcut 8000S system



Cutting Samples

Industry Application